Saturday, September 13, 2008

Plastic Jungle - Buy/Sell/Trade Gift Cards

This sounds like a fun site to try. offers gift cards to buy for less than face value. For instance, right now I found a Home Depot gift card worth $339.91 selling for $312.72. Buying it results in a free $27. If you are planning to spend money on a project, then this is worthwhile!

Another one I found is for Crate And Barrel. A $500 gift card is selling for $450.

You can also sell or trade your gift cards on You set the price until someone buys it or offers a good trade.

Wanna cut your losses and get some fast cash? Click on QuikCash. I played around with some options. A $100 Pottery Barn gift card gets you $70 cold hard cash.

Risk? The site verifies the balance on each card before you get it.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal - $1/1 Coupon With No Limit?

HERE's a link to a $1/1 coupon for Quaker Instant Oatmeal.

At the time I printed this, there was no limit to how many you could print.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Kashi Coupon - $2/1 Vive Cereal

Hurry - this offer only good through Saturday the 13th!

Remember THIS post about the Target/Kashi deal? Well, here's another $2/1 coupon. This one for Kashi Vive cereal.

All Kashi products are four for $11.

Print four of these $2/1 coupons HERE (need two computers)
Pay $3.00 OOP (out of pocket) but get a $5 Target gift card back!
= Make $2.00 by buying four Kashi products!

Family Tip Friday

Recently I scheduled a portrait sitting at Proex to have pictures taken for my son who just turned three and also of all my kids together. I figured the sitting fees alone would cost $50 (with a coupon). Then there's charges for clothing changes and photo developing on top of that.

Two days before the appointment I decided to try taking my own pictures. I took 213 pictures and only found 13 keepers but I hear that's pretty normal.

I saved at least $50 by doing them myself. Not only that, I used up free 5x7 and 8x10 credits I received from joining Artscow.

I just got the pictures back from them today and they are fantastic. I am so impressed with their quality.

So, there's two ways to save on pictures:

- take them yourself to avoid expensive sitting fees

- take advantage of online photo deals like Artscow who is offering 400 free prints for new sign-ups (and recently they sent me an e-mail for 10 free photo books - $7.99 shipping each...think Christmas!)
Check out other Friday Family Tips at BeCentsAble.

Six PowerAde Zero for $.80 at CUB!

PowerAde Zero has a great Catalina deal going on right now. Powerade ZERO (32 oz.) only, NOT regular Powerade.

Catalinas are coupons that print out of a little machine by the register at grocery stores. The cashier usually hands you the Catalinas with your receipt at the end of your transaction.

Here's the run down on the deal from 9/5 - 9/28/08:

Buy 4 (32 oz.) , get $2.00 (towards your next grocery order)
Buy 5, get $3.00
Buy 6, get $4.00

This week 32 oz. Powerade ZEROs are ten for $8.00 (or $.80 each)

Buy six for $4.80 OOP (out of pocket)
Get a Catalina for $4.00 off your next grocery order
= $.80 for six ($.13 each)!

Of course if you have any Powerade coupons, this could be even less out of pocket. I happened to have two $1/3 coupons that I found at Walgreens. So, I made $1.20 on the deal!

Another bonus - A $1/3 coupon printed with the $4 Catalina, so this offer can be repeated!

Tip - don't use the $4 Catalina to buy more Powerades, or you won't get another one. Usually you can't keep rolling the deal over and over. Pay with cash each time. Use the $4 Catalinas you get on other items.

Free $50 Grocery Gift Card from TCF + More

I have been seeing incentives to open a free checking account at TCF when I'm shopping at my local Cub Foods for awhile now. Today I decided to check it out.

In 9 minutes (yep, I timed it since I had my three year old with me) I had a new free checking account and a $50 Cub Foods gift card in my hand.

The other bonus? I get another $25 for every friend I refer. The banker told me a friend could also be my husband. So, after I refer my husband to sign up, he will get $50 and I'll get another $25.

That's $125 of FREE MONEY for our family!

Here's what I found about this offer while I was there:

- Must deposit $25 at the time of sign-up
- No minimum balance required (you could take the $25 out the next day, they said)
- Must keep the account open for 6 months
- You get a check card and free checks
- You get the $50 gift card immediately (at least at the bank inside Cub)
- Available to people without a TCF checking account in the past 90 days

I went to TCF Bank online and found that this offer is available online as well as at TCF Bank locations. Go HERE to check it out!

Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Brenda (HerringPhotography), the winner of my 2nd coupon giveaway.

I'm sending you an e-mail Brenda. Please respond with your address so I can mail these out right away! Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who entered.

Stay tuned for many other fun giveaways in the future!

Here are your random numbers:13
Timestamp: 2008-09-12 20:14:51 UTC

Testament To Freebies

Remember THIS post from August 26 to sign up for a coupon for free cat litter?

Well, I already got my coupon in the mail!

About 10 seconds of "work" filling out a form, made me up to $6.99 in the form of a coupon.

Free Sample - Reach Access Flosser

Click HERE for a free sample of the Access Flosser by Reach. There's also a $1/1 printable coupon.

This tip thanks to The Nest Egg.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lean Cuisine $.99 at Cub

Lean Cuisine Frozen Entrees are on sale for $1.99 at Cub.

Use the $1/1 coupon
HERE to get them for $.99 each!

Walmart and Costco Samples

Walmart came out with a couple more free samples.

Go HERE for Huggies Gentle Care and Natural Fit diapers.
Go HERE for Good Nights Sleep Shorts.

Costco has two samples available. You do not need a member #.
Go HERE for Poise pads.
Go HERE for Kotex Lightdays.

2 Bags of Nestle Candy for $1

Nestle fun size bags of candy are on sale at CVS - Buy one at $2.99, get one free.

Print two coupons HERE for $1/1.
= $.99 for two bags!

Walgreens - New $10/$40 Coupon

Go HERE to print a $10 off a $40 purchase at Walgreens. The coupon is good for Friday and Saturday, Sept. 12-13.

Remember, your total has to be $40 AFTER all coupons are deducted. So, the best you can do with this coupon is pay $30 for $40 worth of stuff.
Best thing to do? Buy all of the FAR (free after rebate) items for the month of September. Then submit for the rebate and MAKE money!

Kotex - Free After Coupon

Go HERE for a $1/1 coupon on any Kotex Pads.

There was also a $1/1 coupon in the 9/7 coupon insert.

The 18-count pantiliners are regularly priced at $1.00 at Walmart.

Then go to the Kotex Website and sign up for a free sample pack.

Tava - $1.09 at Rainbow

Tava 4-packs are on sale for $2.59 at Rainbow through Sept. 24.

Use the $1.50/1 coupon
HERE and HERE (click on print coupon at bottom of page)
= $1.09 each!

CVS - Summer Stuff now 90% Off!

I hit up CVS today and found the 75%-off summer stuff now at 90% off!

The fake crocs in the picture were only $.80. The little boys slip-ons were $.49 and the fan was $2.50.

Stuff is going fast. Go take a look!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tylenol PM - $.49

Tylenol PM and Simply Sleep 20-24-count are $3.49 at Walgreens this week.

Use the $2/1 coupon from the 9/7 coupon insert OR
Print this $1/1 coupon HERE
Combine with the $1/1 coupon in the Sept. EasySaver booklet
= $.49 or $1.49

Remember that one manufacturer coupon and one Walgreens store coupon can be used per item.

All You Magazine - $.83 an issue!

Here's a chance to get All You, the best coupon magazine out there - for cheap! It usually sells for $1.77 at Walmart. Last month I bought three copies because the coupons were so good.

Anyway, you can order the magazine HERE. This website is a fundraiser site that my daughters are participating in. Anyone can order a subscription.

When you go to the site, click on SHOP. Then you can click on "Shop Without Assigning Credit" or you can help out our school and enter in #111165.

The subscription options are:

8 months for $10.00 ($1.25/issue)
24 months for $20.00 ($.83/issue)


South Beach Bars - $5 Rebate at Walgreens

South Beach living bars are two for $5 this week at Walgreens. Buy $15 worth of the Kraft products listed on page 53 of the September EasySaver booklet and get $5 back by mail-in rebate.

Go HERE to print a $2/1 South Beach Diet Bars

You can print two per computer.

If you can print six coupons - buy six boxes for $15. Use six $2/1 coupons and pay only $3.00 OOP (out of pocket). Mail in the rebate (easy to do) for $5 back!

Save Money With Printable Coupons

Here are a few printable store and restaurant coupons I am using right now -

JOANN's - various
LITTLE CAESAR'S - $1.99 Crazy Bread
ARBY's - Free sandwich with combo purchase and B1G1 free sandwich
LANE BRYANT - $25 off $75.

Head & Shoulders - Free Sample

Get a free sample of Head and Shoulders shampoo HERE.

27 Money Saving Tips

Here are some great money saving tips I have learned.

1. Use coupons. It takes some practice, but logging on to money saving blogs can help you out!

2. Subscribe to the Sunday paper. I used to think that I was saving money by NOT subscribing to the Sunday paper. That's because I wasn't using coupons. Boy was I wrong!

3. Buy multiple copies of the Sunday paper if there are good coupons that you can really use. Check with gas stations on Monday mornings to see if they will sell you the left over papers for 1/2 price.

4. Before shopping, google for a store coupon. Read this post for more info.

5. Buy free-after-rebate (FAR) items at Walgreens, Menards and other places. My goal is to set up a separate bank account for the money that I get from rebate checks. Then I can buy more FAR items with the money from this account.

6. Call your utilities companies and ask for their best deals. The last time I called my waste company, I ended up with a larger can and $1.50 less of a bill....just for calling!

7. Shop CVS and Walgreens, using coupons to get things like shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and much more for FREE or pennies. Reference money saving blogs to help you get these deals.

8. Stockpile the free or very inexpensive items you purchase so you never have to pay full price for these items again.

9. Sign up for e-mails from your favorite restaurants. Many will send you a coupon for a free meal on your birthday and other offers. Get a couple ideas HERE. Then hop over to Money Saving Methods and check out her list of restaurants. (located in the right side bar)

10. Rent movies with free rental codes from Red Box.

11. Check Ebay and Craig's List for any kind of purchase. Recently I found and purchased a $30 Schwinn bike for my daughter through Craig's List. The seller was only 1 mile from my house!

12. Check Ebay and The Coupon Master for coupons to purchase. Sound funny? Read more on this HERE.

13. Use stockpile items for baby and bridal shower gifts. Often these items can be used for games played at the shower too.

14. Sign up for as many freebies as you can. Read about Walmart freebies HERE.

15. Buy greeting cards from the dollar store or make your own. This is a fun project for kids.

16. Beware of pricing at large wholesale clubs that require memberships. Often these items are not less expensive than buying the same items with a coupon at a sale price.

17. Avoid driving all over the place and get your grocery shopping done at one place! Call your grocery and drug stores to check the following:
- do you accept expired coupons?
- do you accept competitor's coupons?
- do you honor competitor's sale prices?

18. Get books from the library or check out Paper Back Swap. If you do and want to list me as the person who referred you, my e-mail is

19. Have a garage sale!

20. Pay your bills online and save money on stamps.

21. Buy clothes on clearance. I made a goal of paying no more than $3 for kids shirts. I find it isn't that hard to do and it's kind-of turned into a game to see if I can stick with it.

22. Try shopping thrift stores. Sometimes they have special days where kids clothes are 50% off. Thrift stores often have 50%-off-everything-sales on holidays like Labor and Memorial Day.

23. Never buy from vending machines! Put snacks in baggies so you always have something to grab and bring with you.

24. Calculate what things cost you. I have a weakness for fountain drinks at the gas station. If I buy 2 a week for $1.06 each after tax, I am spending $110.24 per year....on fountain pop. Oh my gosh!

25. When companies send you coupons for $x off a purchase of $x, see if you can buy a gift card. Example: You get a $5 off a $50 purchase coupon from Target. Buy a $50 gift card, use the coupon and pay $45. Of course you'll need to check with your store to see if this is allowed.

26. Sign up at photo companies online and get free prints. Get some good deals HERE.

27. Save on sitting fees and take your own pictures! I recently cancelled an appointment at Proex that would have cost me $50. I took my own pictures and they turned out great.

There are so many ways to stretch your dollars. Do you have any good money-saving tips? Leave a comment.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rainbow Foods Deals for Double Coupon Wednesday

In my area, Rainbow Foods doubles coupons on Wednesdays. The rules are:

- Must spend $25 in your shopping order before coupons are taken off
- Limit of 5 coupons doubled per $25 shopping order
- Maximum amount of $1 will be doubled

So, that means that for every separate $25 shopping order, I can have $10 taken off from doubled coupons. Not to mention you can use other coupons.

Here are some good options. Some of these options are assuming you receive the Sunday coupon inserts.

Hot Pockets Panini are five for $9 or $1.80 each
Use $.75/1 doubled to $1.50 (8/24 insert)
= $.30 each!

Lean Cuisine Entrees are five for $11 or $2.20 each
Buy two for $4.40
Use $1/2 coupon
HERE doubled to $2
= $2.40 for both or $1.20 each!

Cascadian Farms cereal or bars are $2.59
Use $1/1 coupon
HERE doubled to $2 (click on Muer Glen in the coupons section)
= $.59 each!

Ore Ida Potatoes are $2.59
Buy two for $5.18
Use $1/2 coupon from a recent insert, doubled to $2
= $3.18 for both or $1.59 each!

Romano's Macaroni Grill are B1G1
Buy two for $4.49
Use two $1.10 off 1 coupons
HERE (these can't be doubled since they're over a dollar)
OR use two $1/1 coupons from the 9/7 insert, each one doubled to $2
= $1.15 each with printable coupon or $.25 each with 9/7 coupon!

Touch of Gray by Just for Men hair coloring is $5.99
Print out Rebate form
HERE for up to $8 back by rebate check

Coupons Giveaway #2!

I'm doing another coupon giveaway! I just have TOO many and feel like sharing. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. I'll pick a random winner by Friday at noon.

About the coupons:

- over 125 coupons! And more being added as I sort through.
- many are from this last Sunday's paper
- some are printables
- some are blinkies
- some are from product mailings or boxes

Good luck!!

Preparation H Wipes - Free at Walmart

I confirmed today that Walmart sells the Preparation H Wipes (10 count) for $2.97.

Print coupons HERE for $3/1.

=$$.03 profit!

FREE Nature Made Vitamins - 14 Day Supply

Nature Made is offering a FREE 14 day supply of your favorite vitamin.

HERE to get yours.

Monday, September 8, 2008

CVS Deals - 9/7-9/13

Here are my favorite CVS deals for this week.
The deals I post are using printables that anyone can get even if you don't have the Sunday paper.

If you want more deals using Sunday newspaper coupons, try any of these great sites:

L'Oreal Age Perfect, Skin Genesis and Revitalift cleaners are $5.99 get $5.99 ECBs (limit 1)
= $FREE after ECBs!

Right Guard Professional Strength Deodorant is $6.99 each, get $5 ECBs (limit 3)
= $1.99 after ECBs!

Right Guard Sport and Right Guard Extreme/Soft & Dri/Dry Idea deodorants are $2.99, get $2 ECBs (limit 5)
= $.99 after ECBs!

Chex Mix is on sale for $1.00 (no limit)
Use $1/1 coupon HERE

Renuzit Tri Scents Starters are $7.99, get $3 ECBs (limit 1)
Use $3/1 coupon HERE

Excedrin is on sale for $1.99 (no limit)
Use $2/1 coupon HERE

Arnicare Pain Relief is on sale for $8.99, get $8 ECBs limit 5?)

This coupon beeped at the register for me but the cashier confirmed that the coupon was for the exact item and size as the Arnicare I purchased.
Use $2/1 coupon HERE

Gen Soy Protein Bars are six for $6, get $3 ECBs
= $3.00 for six bars!

Alavert 12-15-ct. is $5.99
Use $4/1 coupon HERE
= $1.99 after coupon!

My Vista Print Cards Came

A little while back I told you about an offer for 250 free business cards from Vista Print.
Well, I ordered some and gone mine today. They're so cute! I love 'em.
They were only $5.78 after shipping.

Couple Sweet Deals at Target

These are my favorite Target deals this week. Check Moms Need To Know for more:

Cheetos anyone?

Full size bags and six-pack snack packs are on sale two for $4.00.
Print coupons
HERE for $1/1.
Get 'em for only $1 each!

Kashi products are four for $11 and get a $5 gift card!

Buy two Go Lean cereal and two of any other Kashi products

Print two $1/1 Go Lean cereal coupons

Print two $2/1 any Kashi product

= $5 OOP (out of pocket) after coupons BUT you get a $5 Target gift card - so essentially you get all four Kashi products for FREE!!!!

If you have more coupons, or can print from more than one computer, you can do this deal over and over, using your $5 gift card to pay.

Remember to hit the back button exactly three times to be able to print the above coupons twice each.

Cottonelle Printable Coupon

Go HERE to play a short game resulting in an instant $.50/1 coupon on a 4-pack or larger of Cottonelle!

Walmart Freebies

I requested my free samples of Cascade and Mr. Clean back on August 30th.

Well, it's Sept. 8 and I already received them! A full size Magic Eraser and two Cascade Complete tabs. Yay!

As you can see from the picture above, a coupon for each was also included. There are always great deals on Cascade, so I am sure that one will come in handy.

Recently I wrote about free samples, and if signing up is worthwhile. Well, the answer for me is definitely - YES!

The Cascade/Mr.Clean free sample offer is over, but you can go HERE to sign up for $27 in coupons on those and other products from Right At Home.

Silk Coupons Go To Lorie...

Lorie A. sent the first e-mail for the coupons.

They're in the mail, Lorie. Enjoy!!

Silk Soymilk Coupons - Anybody Want 'Em?

I have three $2.25/1 quart Silk Soy Milk coupons to give away to the fist person who e-mails me.

These are priced at only $1.99 at my local Cub Foods, making for a $.26 overage.

E-mail by pressing Contact Me at the top right of my site.

I was hoping my kids would like the stuff but they don't.

My loss is your gain!

Sunsilk Samples and $2 Gift Cards

Get a free sample of Sunsilk shampoo and $2 in gift cards?

That's what it says!

I have received samples quickly from the website before.

Go HERE to get yours!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Walgreens - 9/7 - 913

Here are my favorite Walgreens deals this week.

Crest Pro-Health MouthWash is $4.49 and get $4.49 Register Resards (like cash on your next purchase)
Use $.75/1 coupon from 8/31 coupon insert
= FREE without coupon or $.75 profit with it!

Tyloenol PM 24-ct. is $3.49
Use $1/1 EasySaver coupon found in the little savings booklet at the front of the store
Use $2/1 coupon in 9/7 coupon insert
= $.49!

Brita Water Pitcher is $14.99
Use $5/1 printable
HERE (take the pledge)
= $9.99!

Oust Spray is $2.99
Buy two
Use $1/1 EasySaver coupon found in the little savings booklet at the front of the store (coupons takes off $1 per item)
Use $2/2 coupon
= $2.00 for two or $1.00 each!

Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber is $3.79 and get $2 Register Rewards for buying two
Buy two (or more, if you have access to other computers to print more coupons)
Use $2.75/1 coupon
= $2.08 OOP (out of pocket) or $.04 each after $2 Register Rewards!

Glade Fabric & Air Eliminator is $2.99
Use $1/1 EasySaver coupon found in the little savings booklet at the front of the store
Use $1/1 coupon
= $.99 each!

Curves Snack Bars are $2.00
Use $.75/1 coupon
= $1.25 each!

Chex Mix 8.75oz. is $.99
Use $1/1 coupon
Use $.60/1
= FREE or $.39 per bag!

Mott's Apple Sauce six packs are three for $5
Use $1/2 coupon
= $4.00 for three or $1.33 each!

Progresso Soup is three for $4
Buy 3
Use in-store coupon (3 for $4) in this week's ad
Use $1.10/3 coupon
= $2.90 for three or $.97 each!

Smart Balance 1-lb. is 2/$3 or $1.50 each
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
= $.50 each!

Carefree Pantiliners are $.99
Use $.50/1 coupon HERE
= $.49 each!
Thanks Mommy Snacks!

Airborne Power Pixies - Free Sample

Click HERE for a free sample of Airborne Power Pixies for kids.

Ensure - Coupon for a Free Shake

Go HERE for printable coupons from Ensure.

Get a coupon for a free shake and a $3.00 off a six-pack.