Thursday, September 4, 2008

Signing Up For Samples - Is it worth it?

This is what came in the mail today - a full size roll of Scott Extra Soft bath tissue and a Schick Quattro razor with trimmer (the good kind - not disposable).

So that's great and everything, but how often do these samples really come?

Well, that depends. I sign up for every Walmart sample available because I know they always come....and quick. Remember THIS post? I signed up for the Scott TP on August 18 and it came Sept. 4!

SO, you don't always know how long it will take. Some samples may never come. BUT, if you use the AutoFill button on the Google Tool Bar or Roboform, it only takes seconds to submit your information. Give it a try! It's fun too see a little box in the mailbox instead of just envelopes all the time.

AND - in four months of signing up for free stuff, I've probably received enough shampoo and face cream samples to last me a month or more!

Here's some freebies from Walmart to get you started:

Cottonelle Fresh Wipes

Kotex Pads

Playtex Sport

John Frieda Luxurious Volume

Tampax Pearl