Friday, September 12, 2008

Six PowerAde Zero for $.80 at CUB!

PowerAde Zero has a great Catalina deal going on right now. Powerade ZERO (32 oz.) only, NOT regular Powerade.

Catalinas are coupons that print out of a little machine by the register at grocery stores. The cashier usually hands you the Catalinas with your receipt at the end of your transaction.

Here's the run down on the deal from 9/5 - 9/28/08:

Buy 4 (32 oz.) , get $2.00 (towards your next grocery order)
Buy 5, get $3.00
Buy 6, get $4.00

This week 32 oz. Powerade ZEROs are ten for $8.00 (or $.80 each)

Buy six for $4.80 OOP (out of pocket)
Get a Catalina for $4.00 off your next grocery order
= $.80 for six ($.13 each)!

Of course if you have any Powerade coupons, this could be even less out of pocket. I happened to have two $1/3 coupons that I found at Walgreens. So, I made $1.20 on the deal!

Another bonus - A $1/3 coupon printed with the $4 Catalina, so this offer can be repeated!

Tip - don't use the $4 Catalina to buy more Powerades, or you won't get another one. Usually you can't keep rolling the deal over and over. Pay with cash each time. Use the $4 Catalinas you get on other items.