Friday, September 12, 2008

Family Tip Friday

Recently I scheduled a portrait sitting at Proex to have pictures taken for my son who just turned three and also of all my kids together. I figured the sitting fees alone would cost $50 (with a coupon). Then there's charges for clothing changes and photo developing on top of that.

Two days before the appointment I decided to try taking my own pictures. I took 213 pictures and only found 13 keepers but I hear that's pretty normal.

I saved at least $50 by doing them myself. Not only that, I used up free 5x7 and 8x10 credits I received from joining Artscow.

I just got the pictures back from them today and they are fantastic. I am so impressed with their quality.

So, there's two ways to save on pictures:

- take them yourself to avoid expensive sitting fees

- take advantage of online photo deals like Artscow who is offering 400 free prints for new sign-ups (and recently they sent me an e-mail for 10 free photo books - $7.99 shipping each...think Christmas!)
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