Monday, November 17, 2008

The Last Post

I knew when I started this blog back in August that the day may come when I would need to let it go.

That day came.

Thanks very much to all of you who have read my blog and submitted deal ideas. I hope Common"cents"ical helped you save some money these last couple months.

I would like to leave you with my personal favorite money-saving blogs. Maybe you will find some of interest to you.

Other helpful sites:

Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Swagbucks - Search and Earn

Search & Win

You search the internet, right? If so, why not try searching through Swagbucks? It only takes a minute to sign up.

Save the search page to your favorites or download the search tool. Do a few searches a day.

Doing this earns you Swagbucks which you can then redeem for gift certificates and other prizes.

For instance, I have been doing this for two months and just by searching alone, I have earned 102 Swag Bucks. I could use this to get two $5 gift certificates but I'm going to hold off for now.

$10 bucks doesn't sound like much in two months? Well, maybe not but I got NOTHING for doing my searches through other sites. So, why not?

There are other ways to earn Swag Bucks too. Refer friends and get a buck every time they get a buck. Read the Swag Blog and get free bucks now and then. Read more for other ways to earn.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winner of the Fashion Design Studio!

Congrats to Florence - the winner of the Fashion Dessign Studio from Hearthsong! You're going to love your package! I have sent you an e-mail, please write back with your address so I can mail this out to you right away!

Thanks everyone for entering!

I love Hearthsong.I spent more than one hour looking at their products. I love their musical skirts. The Fashion Design Studio kit would be for my oldest daughter who will be nine very soon.

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Here are your random numbers:32
Timestamp: 2008-11-15 20:08:35 UTC

Sunday, November 9, 2008

**UPDATE** Giveaway - Fashion Design Studio Kit!

Along with this great giveaway - Hearthsong is offering Common"cents"ical readers a 20% discount code on the Fashion Design Studio. The code is HSCENTS. This code is effective till 11/30/08!!

This week I have a fun giveaway for the little fashionista in your life. Santa brought the Fashion Design Studio Kit to my oldest daughter last year for Christmas and we have had fun with it ever since. (C'mon - how many toys from last year are still a favorite?)

The possibilities are endless with these kits. You choose a face, clothing, accessories and trace away!

Once you're finished tracing, add color!

Voil-a! Everyone's an artist! My 6 and 9 year old daughters and I made these. Aren't they fun!

My favorite part about these kits are that they are fun for me to do with the girls. I can't say that about a whole lot of toys and crafts out there.

Wanna win an entire kit? Here's what you get:

- 12 pages of design templates (outfits, face, hair, accessories, shoes, etc!)

- 20 sheets of heavy tracing paper
- rubbing plates that add texture to your designs
- portfolio to keep your designs in
- colored pencils
- costume design add-on kit
- hobby design add-on kit

This is a $60+ value!

All you have to do is visit Hearthsong HERE.

Then come back and leave a comment telling me your favorite product. Also let me know who the Fashion Design Studio would be for if you win.

Dont forget to leave your e-mail address so I can contact you.

Contest ends Saturday the 15th at noon.

Winner - Lola and Lulu Bag Tags!

The winner of the Lola and Lulu bag tags is Kristy! Congrats! I'm e-mailing you, Kristy so write back with your address. Thanks to all for entering!

Kristy said...
These tags are adorable! I like Kimono and Damask Pink the best!

Printable Coupon - $1/1 Rosetto Pasta

Save on Rosetto pasta with the $1/1 coupon HERE.

Printable Coupon - $1/1 GE Light Bulbs

Use the $1/1 coupon HERE for any of the following bulbs:

Ge Energy Smart
GE Reveal
GE Edison

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Free Sample - Pedigree Good Bites

Treat your dog to a sample of Pedigree Good Bites HERE.

Free Sample - Glad Food Storage Bags

Walmart if offering a sample of Glad Food Storage bags HERE.

Free Sample - Kirkland Signature Diapers

Costo is offering a free sample of their Kirkland Signature brand supreme diapers. All you have to do is sign up HERE.

Printable Coupon - $1.50/1 SunSilk Hairspray

Get a $1.50/1 coupon for Sunsilk Hairapy Hold Me Forever Hairspray HERE.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Post-it Deal Just Got Better!

Yesterday I posted THIS deal - buy any two Post-it products and get $5 in McDonalds G/Cs by mail.

Well the deal just got better!

Right now, Office Depot has 5-packs of Post-its like the one pictured above for $1.00.

Buy two for $2.00

Submit rebate HERE for $5.00 in McDonalds G/Cs

= $3.00 profit!

Of course that profit is in McDonalds money, but if you spend money at McDonalds anyway, it's like cash in your pocket.

Post-its are fun stocking stuffers for kids too.
My kids steal mine all the time!!

Free Samples and Goodies - Sign Up for the Huggies Newsletter

Sign up for the Huggies e-newsletter HERE to receive free samples, coupons and even a potty training DVD.

Remember to use an alternate e-mail address when signing up for offers like this.

Science Diet Dog Food 5lbs - Free at Petco!

This week various kinds of Science Diet dog and puppy food are on sale for $5.00 when you flash your Petco Pals card.

The above bag rang up at $5.00.

Use the $5/1 coupon HERE

= FREE!!

The tax on this was $.81. Great deal!

P.S. - if you don't have a Petco Pals card, you can sign up for one for free in the store.

Artscow Photo Cards

I just made these really nice Christmas photo cards at

Read about Artscow HERE.

Right now they have a promo code: FREE40PHOTOCARDS that is good through 11/17/2008.

You get 20 4x8 cards including Christmas cards like the picture above, and 20 7x5 cards which are not Christmas cards, but you can choose a Christmasy type background like I did in the picture below.

The shipping for all 40 cards was $9.98. That's $.25 per card. Here is photo card pricing at other stores...

Walmart - $.33 each any quantity (I think)
Walgreens - $.50 each for 20 or more
Sam's Club - $.29 each for 50

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Walgreens - Free 8x10 Photo

I am getting an 8x10 of this picture of my kids dressed up for Halloween courtesy of Walgreens.

You can get one too! All you have to do is upload a picture at

Then make sure you select that you want one 8x10 photo. The price should show $2.99.

Enter code: FREEPIC.

Click on Update Price at the bottom and see your total go to $0.00.

If you select the option to pick up at your nearest Walgreens, your picture is free.

Thanks Walgreens!

Easy Bake Oven and Mixes - $19.99 at Target

The Easy Bake oven is on sale for $19.99 at Target right now.

You used to be able to print a Target coupon for "Get 2 mixes free when you buy Easy Bake Oven". I couldn't find this coupon available anymore.

I really wanted to take advantage of this deal and was glad to see I got the coupon in a Target toys catalog that came in the mail.

When I went to Target I also found this coupon in a smaller toy catalog available to anyone on the end caps of the toy section in the store.

SO, buy the Easy Bake Oven for $19.99 and get two mixes for free with the coupon. The mixes are regularly priced at $5.44 each!


- There was a $19.99 sale sign at one Target I went to but not at another. When I price scanned it though, it came up $19.99.

- When the cashier scanned the coupon, it only took off $5.44 for ONE of the mixes. I pointed that out and the cashier took off another $5.44.

Check out Common Sense With Money HERE to find another great toy deal at Target.

Buy Any 2 Post-Its - Get $5 McDonalds G/C

Print THIS form to get $5 in McDonalds Gift Certificates by mail when you buy any two Post-It products.

Baby Carrots - Free at Target

Target has Green Giant baby carrots on sale two for $2.00, or $1.00 each.

Use the $1/1 Target coupon
HERE to get them for free!
You can print as many of the coupons as you want.

Don't forget about the Artisan bread deal. Read about that

I was worried about posting this deal till I could try it myself. I had heard that the carrots were priced at $.99. The registers beep at all of the Targets near me if I try to use a $1 coupon for something that costs $.99. I wasn't worried about anything beeping when I saw the carrots were $1.

Here's the weird thing though - the carrots actually rung up at $.99 (even though the sign clearly said two for $2). The cashier scanned the coupons and they all deducted $.99 even though the printed value of the coupon was $1. Weird! Maybe Target is getting their system fixed to adjust the coupon down to the value of the item if the coupon value is higher than the item price.

I was bummed because the Zip Loc bags I talked about HERE were clearanced at $.50 now. I didn't have any coupons with me or that could have been another test to see if the coupon would adjust down to the price. Oh well!

Free Sample - Huggies Diapers

Walmart is handing out a free sample of Huggies diapers HERE.

Printable Coupons - Kotex

Fill out the form HERE and instantly print all of these coupons:

$1/1 off Kotex pads
$1/1 off Kotex Overnights
$.75/1 off lightdays
$.75/1 off Kotex security Tampons

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Printable Coupon - B1G1 Free Del Monte Harvest Selections

Print B1G1 Free Harvest Selections by Del Monte HERE.

Halloween Stuff - 75% off at Target and Walgreens

I stopped at Walgreens and Target today and found a lot of Halloween decor and costumes for 75% off.

Now's a good time to get next year's costumes. I saw Spiderman, Transformers and Power Rangers for $4-6 each.

Candy was only 50% off at both places, but a good price if you still have candy coupons.

GiveAway - Lola and Lulu Bag Tags!

This week I have a great give-away to offer everyone. This will appeal to anyone who is looking for cute, fun little gifts to give this Christmas or anytime.

Lola and Lulu is a fun site offering everything from personalized invitations to bag tags to baby items.

The nice people at Lola and Lulu are happy to give away two bag tags to the winner of this contest.

They have many different designs of bag tags to choose from. Think diaper bags, luggage and backpacks! can you win?

Head over to Lola and Lulu

Then come back and leave a comment telling me the two bag tags you would like to win. (Example: I like "Green Pink Stripe" and "Dew Drop")

Don't forget to leave your e-mail address so I can let you know you won. The give-away ends Saturday at noon.

Printable Coupon - $1/1 Del Monte Fruit Cups

Register with Del Monte HERE to receive a $1/1 coupon on fruit cups like the ones pictured above. I was only able to print one of these coupons.

Coupon is in lower right corner.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lean Cuisine - $1.30 at Target

Lean Cuisine meals are $1.80 each at Target this week.

Buy two for $3.60.
Use $1/2 coupon HERE
= $1.40 each!

Printable Coupon - $1/2 Pam, Wesson, Orville, Peter Pan, Etc...

Get a $1/2 coupon HERE for these products:

Orville Redenbacher
Peter Pan
Reddi Whip

Another good coupon to use on this week's Cub deals.

Printable Coupon - $1/1 Egg Beaters

HERE's a $1/1 coupon for Egg Beaters.

This coupon will work well with the Cub deal this week.

Award Day

This is exciting for me - Kara at Lizzy's Language awarded me this "Kreativ Blogger" award. How cool is that?

I get to share six things I'm thankful for and forward this award to six other "Kreativ" Bloggers.

Here's my thankful list today:

I'm thankful for my relationship with God.
2. I'm thankful for my close-knit family (husband and three kids) and extended family.
3. I'm thankful for mine and my family's health.
4. I'm thankful for my close, supportive church family.
5. I'm thankful for my wonderful friends.
6. I'm thankful that no matter what happens with the election, God is still in control.

Here are some bloggers I appreciate and would like to send this award to..

Goody Ouchless Binders - $.12 at Walmart

I heard about this deal a few days ago but finally had a chance to do it today.

Goody Ouchless binders and possibly other hair accessories are $2.12 each regular priuce at Walmart.

Print the $2/1 coupon
= $.12 each!

The site let me print as many coupons as I wanted. The coupon specifically says you can use it on any Ouchless item over $2.00.

I went through the self-checkout and the coupons worked great!

I put a couple away for stocking stuffers for my kids and will use the others for various Christmas gifts.

TODAY - Free Frosty Jr. For Voting

Wendy's is offering a free Frosty Jr. TODAY ONLY for voting. I am guessing these might be the really small ones...but hey - it's free!

More Cub Foods Deals 11/2-11/8

*Buy $20 worth of "these" participating products and get $10 off your next grocery order*

Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn is $1.75 each (Natural Gourmet IS included)
Use $.40/1 from 10/12 insert
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
Use $2/1 coupon HERE

Crunch N Munch $2.50
Use $.40/2 from October All You Magazine

Hunt's Tomato Paste is $.66
Use $1/2 coupon HERE

Egg Beaters 15-16-0z are $2.79 each
Use $1/1 coupon HERE

Hunt's Pasta Sauce is $1.25
Use $1/2 coupon HERE

Healthy Choice Panini, Completes, Cafe Steamers are $2.75
Use $.75/1 coupon from 10/26 insert (Steamers)

Wesson Cooking Oil is $3.50
Use $1/2 coupon HERE

Pam Spray is $3.00
Use $1/2 coupon HERE

Peter Pan Peanut Butter is $2.09
Use $1/2 coupon HERE

I am part of the Grocery Gathering at BeCentsAble.

Cub Foods - 11/2 - 11/8

The deals are so GREAT at Cub this week that I am going to have to post in installments! Check back with me for more deals as I can post them. There are just so many scenarios to take advantage of. I am going to do my best to provide coupon match-ups. I apologize if a link doesn't work for you. Leave a comment if you have a deal idea or find another coupon that I didn't mention. Thanks!

NOTE: This list may contain some expired coupons. My Cub accepts expireds up to 30 days after the expiration date. Give your
Cub store a call to check their policy.

*Buy $30 of "these" participating products, get $15 off your next grocery order*

Three for $10 items ($3.33 each):

Totino's Pizza Rolls 40-ct
Use $.35/1 from 9/7 and 10/5 inserts
Use $.50/1 located on some Totino's pizza roll packages
Use $1/2 coupon from THIS booklet (expired 10/26)
Use $.35/1 coupon HERE

All Laundry Detergent 32-50-oz
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
Use $1/2 from 10/12 insert
Use $.40/1 from 10/12 insert

Green Giant Just For One Vegetables, Create A Meal or Bagged Veggies
Use $.55/1 coupon HERE
Use $.40/1 from 10/5 (Just For One)
Use $.50/1 from 10/5 (Creat A Meal)
Use $.40/1 from 10/5 (Bagged)
Use $.60/1 coupon HERE

Romano's Macaroni Grill 8-18.2-oz
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
Use $1/1 from the 10/5 insert

Dove Shampoo or Conditioner 12-oz
Use $1.50/1 from 10/12 insert

Slim Fast Bars 6-pack
Use $1.25/1 coupon HERE

Skippy Peanut Butter 28-oz
Use $.75/2 from 10/5 insert

All Brand Laundry Detergent
Use $1/2 from the 10/12 insert
Use $.40/1 from the 10/12 insert

Ten for $10 items ($1.00 each):

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes
Use $1/2 coupon from THIS booklet
Use $.40/1 coupon HERE
Use $.40/1 coupon HERE
Use $.35/1 from 10/5 insert

Green Giant Boxed Vegetables
Use $.65/3 coupon HERE
Use $.50/2 from the 10/5 insert

Four for $10 items ($2.50 each):

Chex (General Mills) Cereals
Use $1/2 coupon HERE

Gold Medal Flour
$1/1 Whole Wheat Flour HERE

Hellmann's Mayo 24-30-oz
Use $.60/1 from 8/17 insert

Country Crock 12-45-oz
Use $.35/1 from the 10/5 insert
Use $.55/1 coupon HERE (Omega Plus type)

Suave Lotion 13-18-oz
Use &.75/1 from 9/21 insert

Chex Mix 4.2-8.85-oz
Use $.60/1 coupon HERE

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
Use $.35/1 from 9/7 insert
Use $1/2 coupon from THIS booklet

Yoplait GoGurt, Fizzix or Trix multipacks
Use $.75/2 from the 10/5 insert

Dove or Degree Deodorant
Use $1.50/2 from the 10/12 insert (Dove)
Use $1/2 from the 10/5 insert (Degree)

Six for $10 items ($1.67 each):

Knorr Liption Sides Plus Veggies
Use $.60/1 coupon HERE

Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
Use $.40/1 coupon HERE

Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper
Use $.80/3 coupon HERE
Use $.75/3 from 10/5 insert

Betty Crocker Frosting
Use $.55/1 coupon HERE
Use $.55/1 coupon HERE

Suave Haircare 14.5-oz or 7-8.5-0z stylers
Use $1.50/2 from 9/21 insert

Progresso Soup
Use $.50/2 from 10/5 insert
Use $1/3 coupon HERE
Use $1/3 coupon HERE
Use $.55/2 coupon HERE
Use $1.10/1 coupon HERE

Suave Body Wash
Use B1G1 Free from 10/5 insert

Suave Deodorant
Use $.75/1 from 10/5 insert
I am part of the Grocery Gathering at BeCentsAble.

TODAY - Show Your "I Voted" Sticker for a FREE DONUT!

Participating Krispy Kreme stores are offering everyone a free star shaped donut on November 4th.

All you have to do is flash your "I voted" sticker!

Check to make sure your store is included

TODAY - Free Scoop of Ice Cream From Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's is offering everyone a free scoop of ice cream between 5pm and 8pm on Tuesday November 4th.

Check for locations HERE.

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to call and make sure your store is participating. Don't want to disappoint the family if for some reason your store isn't!

TODAY - Free Starbucks For Voting!

There are four easy steps to take advantage of this offer:

1. VOTE!
2. Go to Starbucks and tell 'em you voted.
3. Receive a tall cup of brewed coffee.
4. Enjoy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Coupons! Get Your Coupons!

You may have printed the coupons HERE before but now you can print two more of most of them!

The coupons have been reset to let us print them again.

Several of them will come in handy at Rainbow and Cub this week.

You can also access these coupons anytime from the pink banner on my right side bar.

Get them while you can!

Celestial Tea - Free at Walgreens (if you have two coupons)

This week Celestial Seasonings tea 20-ct is two for $3.00

Buy two for $3.00
Use two $1/1 coupons from the 10/5 insert
Use $1/2 coupon from the Easysaver booklet (little coupon book at the front of the store)
= two boxes for FREE!

Printable Coupon - $1.25/1 Slim Fast

Save $1.25 HERE on Slim Fast multipack products.

Coke 12 Packs - $1.25 at CVS (with My Coke Rewards Coupons)

CVS has Coke product 12-packs priced at four for $12 and get $3 ECBs.

If you have a My Coke Rewards account, you can print two $1 coupons for 35 points.

Buy four 12 packs for $12.00
Use four $1/1 coupons from My Coke Rewards
Pay $8.00 OOP and get $3 ECBs
= $1.25 each!

Not signed up with My Coke Rewards yet? Points can be found inside caps and packages of Coke products. Enter the point codes on the website. Redeem the points for prizes. The $1 coupon can be redeemed for 35 points. You can print two. This helps keep the cost of pop down.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Printable Coupons - Target Toys

Target released a bunch of toy coupons that are good through 11/26/2008.

Watch for sale prices to get the best deal.

Print them

Rainbow Foods Deals 11/2 - 11/8

Here are some good Rainbow Foods deals this week.

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers are $1.00 each
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 10/5 insert
Use the $1/1 coupon HERE
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
Use $1/1 coupon HERE

Campbell's Select Harvest Soup is $1.00
Use $.50/2 coupons from the 9/14 insert
= $.50 each!

Lean Cuisine 6-12-oz are $2.00 each
Use $1/2 coupon HERE
= $1.50 each!

Jack's Pizzas are $2.50 each
Use $.75/1 coupon from the 10/5 insert
= $1.75 each!

* Special Meal Offer* (page 1 of the in-store ad)
Buy Hillshire Farm Skinless Half Ham for $2.79 + Jennie-O Hen Turkey for about $1.70
Get 12-pack Roundy's Brown -n- Serve Rolls AND 1 Bag of Fresh Express Salad FREE!
Total: $4.49

Look for $.75/1 blinkie coupon for the Fresh Express Salads (found near the product)
Pay $3.74 OOP for the ham, turkey, salad and rolls

Yoplait Yogurt is $.50 each
Buy three for $1.50
Use the $.50/3 coupon HERE
Use the $.60/3 coupon HERE
= $.30 or $.33 each!

Pop Tarts are $1.50
Use $1/1 coupon from the 10/12 insert
= $.50 each!

Ronzoni Bistro 8-oz is $2.00 each
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 9/28 insert
= $1.00 each!

*General Mills Fruist Snacks, Granola or Cereal Bars are buy five at the regular price and get a coupon for $5 off your next grocery order*

Chex Mix bars are part of this deal (not sure what regular price is)
Use up to five $1.25/1 coupons as you can print HERE (two per computer)
Another coupon for $.60/1 HERE
Should be pretty cheap after the coupons and $5 back

Eggo Waffles are $1.66 each
Use the $.55/1 coupon from the 9/21 insert
= $1.11 each!

Windex 26-oz or 12-ct Products are $2.39 (when you buy two or more)
Use two $2/1 coupons HERE
= $.39 each!

Ricola Throat Drops are $1.29 each
Buy two for $2.58
Use $1/2 coupon from the 10/5 insert
= $.79 each!
One more promotion of note:

*Buy $25 in Proctor & Gamble products get coupon for $5 off your next bakery/baking items purchase

*Buy $35 in Proctor & Gamble products get coupon for $10 off your next bakery/baking items purchase

The in-store ad says to look for participating product displays in the store.

I am part of the Grocery Gathering at BeCentsAble.
Check back often for updates as I find new details throughout the week.

Other store deals I list: Walgreens, CVS and Cub.
Shop somplace else?
BeCentsAble for your store list.