Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rainbow Foods Deals 10/12 - 10/18

Here are some good deals I see at Rainbow this week.

Lean Cuisine Entrees are $2.00 each
Buy two for $4.00
Use $1/2 coupon HERE
= $1.50 each!

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes are $1.00 each
Use $.40/1 coupon HERE
OR use $1/2 coupon from this booklet
= $.50 or $.60 each!

Birds Eye Steamfresh and Freshlike Vegetables are $1.00
Use $.35/1 coupon from the 10/12 insert
OR $1/3 from 9/7 insert
OR $.65/3 coupon HERE
= $.65 or $.67 or $.78 each!

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter is $2.00 (select 9-16 oz sizes)
Use $.50/1 coupon HERE
= $1.50 each!

Nestle Refridgerated Cookie Doughs are buy two for $5.00, get coupon for free 1/2 gallon milk
Buy two for $5
Use $1.50/2 from 9/14 insert
= $1.75 each and get free 1/2 gal. milk!

Yoplait Trix, For Kids and Fiber One 6-packs Yogurt are $2.00
Use $1/1 Fiber One 6-pack from 9/7 insert
Use $1/2 Trix Yogurt coupon HERE
Use $1/2 Trix Yogurt coupon HERE
= $1 or $1.50 each!

Pepperidge Farm Garlic Toast or Bread is $2.00
Use $1/2 from 10/05 insert
= $1.50 each!

Roundy's White Bread is $.79 each

Buy "any 10 participating products and get $5 off the purchase of meat"

There are several items involved in this deal. Here's the best scenario I can see:

Muir Glen Tomatoes and Tomato Sauce is $1.59 each
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
Use $.75/1 from the 9/28 insert
Buy 10 Muir Glen for $15.90
Use 10 $1/1 coupons from links above (need one than 1 computer)
Pay $5.90 OOP
= $.59 each and get a coupon for $5 off meat on your next purchase!

Ghirardelli 3-oz Bars are two for $3
Use $1/2 coupon from 9/21 insert
= $1.00 each!

Remember several of these coupons can be doubled on Wednesdays!

I am part of the Grocery Gathering at BeCentsAble.

Check back often as I find new deals throughout the week!

Free Subscription - Boating Life Magazine

Get a free 12 month subscription to Boating Life HERE. My husband will be happy about this one!!

Free Sample - Betty Crocker Potatoes

Get a free sample of Betty Crocker Potatoes HERE.

Walgreens Diapers - $3.99 After Coupon

Starting tomorrow (10/12), Comfort Stretch jumbo-pack diapers, the Walgreens store brand, is on sale for $5.99.

Use the $2/1 coupon from the pharmacy coupon booklet.

You can request this booklet of coupons at the pharmacy counter. When I was there, the person I asked didn't know about it. I asked him if someone else behind the counter might know. The second person I talked to knew all about it and gave me one.

These coupons do not need to be turned in to the cashier upon use. They can simply scan it and give it back. I just leave the whole booklet intact and ask the cashier to scan the one particular coupon I need.

The coupons in the booklet are good till 12/31/08.

The diaper coupon says $2 off "our regular price". I called Walgreens to check on why the coupon said this and if it meant I could not use it on sale items.

The Walgreens rep on the phone told me she would check and call me back. She called back and said I could use the coupon anytime.

= $3.99 per pack!

By the way - if you buy two or more packs in one transaction, the coupon will still take off $2 per pack you buy.

Coupon Sources - Those Free or Cheap Magazine Subscriptions

I got this month's issue of Shape magazine in the mail today. I know I signed up for it at some point when it was offered for free.

I have been very busy lately and assumed I wouldn't have time to read it. I was about to toss it in the recycling bin when something caught my eye.

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about, a little something with a dotted!

I'm glad I didn't throw it out because inside were about eight coupons. A good one was Weight Watchers "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" bags of candy. These are on clearance for $1 at my Walgreens right now.

Another good one was $1/1 Arm & Hammer Advanced White Tootpaste. I had some coupons for this stuff in my coupon binder already but they were only worth $.75.

But by far the best was a B1G1 Free coupon for Glade Scented Oil Warmers. This one coupon will profit me around $3.50. Read about how HERE. By the way - this deal is active at SEVERAL stores around the country.

SO - make it a habit to sign up for free magazine subscriptions. From time to time I'll find free ones to tell you about here. You just never know what may be waiting inside!

Remember - you can always give them away after you're done. I've even heard that Half Priced Books buys magazines (the ones that don't have coupons cut out I suppose!)

Get a $25 Gift Certificate for $3 at

I have purchased one of these before and what a great deal!

First you search your zip code to see which restaurants are participating. Then see what the requirements of the restaurant are. For example, a little local pizza place I love called Angelo's was available under my zip code. The requirements were to spend $50 and dine-in only. Well, that was no problem as there were 10 of us out to eat.

Another nice thing? You print the gift certificate immediately after purchasing it.

What a nice savings! $25 worth of food for $3!

Just enter the code SAVE at check out. Offer good through 10/13/08!

New restaurants are added all the time. Check it out HERE.

New $1/1 Kelloggs Cereal Coupon

Get a $1/1 ANY Kellogg's cereal coupon HERE.

There are a couple different $1/1 Kellogg's coupons on the site but I haven't seen one for ANY kind in quite some time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Renuzit - Cheap at Cub And Other Stores

Today at Cub as I was picking up some more Glade Scented Oil Warmers, I saw a deal on Renuzit Tri Scents Starter Kits. For each one you buy, you get an OYNO coupon for $3. This is a Catalina type coupon.

They were priced at $8.77.
Use a $4/1 coupon from the 9/7 insert
Pay $4.77 OOP

Get $3 Catalina coupon to use OYNO (on your next order)
= $1.77 each!

Has anyone ever tried these? These might be another nice Christmas gift idea. If you're like me with three kids, you have LOTS of people to buy for at Christmas time.

I assume this deal is going on at other grocery stores as well. Let us know if you find it.

And The Winner Is.....

I'm so happy for Jessica- the winner of my Blush Give-Away! Jessica likes the plain white.

Congrats Jessica (jessicacyoungblood...)! I'm sending you an e-mail. Please e-mail back with your address so we can get your prize on the way.

Thanks all for entering! Stay tuned for more fun give-aways in the future!

Free Scrubbing Bubbles & More at Walgreens!

You heard how to get the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner free HERE.

Now check out these deals at Walgreens!

First, print off ALL of the coupons from this LINK. You can use them on the deals below but will want them in your stash anyway.

Windex is $2.50 each
Use $2/1 coupon from link above
Pay $.50 OOP
Mail in Walgreens rebate for $1 (#27)
= Profit of $.50 each!

Pledge is $3.49 each
Use $2/1 coupon from link above
Pay $1.49 OOP
Mail in Walgreens rebate for $1 (#27)
= $.49 each!

Fantastik Spray is $2.50
Use $2/1 coupon from link above
Pay $.50
Mail in Walgreens rebate for $1 (#27)
= $.50 each!

Shout Wipes are $2.50
Use $1.50/1 coupon from link above
Pay $1.00 OOP
Mail in Walgreens rebate for $1 (#27)

Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foam is $3.99
Use $2/1 coupon from link above
Pay $1.99 OOP
Mail in Walgreens rebate for $1.50 (#30)
= $.99 each!

Scrubbing Bubbles Spray is $2.50
Use $2/1 coupon from link above
Pay $.50 OOP
Mail in Walgreens rebate for $1.00 (#27)
= profit of $.50!

Walgreens allows up to six $1 rebates on items for rebate #27.

Remember you can print all of these coupons twice (per computer) by hitting the back button three times.

Hurry - these sale prices end tomorrow (Saturday)!

Mambo Sprouts - Sign Up For Coupons!

Go to the Mambo Sprouts site HERE to sign up to receive coupons for healthy products by mail and by e-mail too!

Their coupon books can be found at certain grocery stores as well.
Thanks Jillayne!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Zout - Free After Rebate!

Print a Free-After-Rebate form for Zout HERE.

I found the bottle pictured above for $2.49 at Rainbow today. I had a coupon for $.55 off from the 8/10 insert. The coupon doubled to $1.10 off. I paid $1.39 OOP and will get a full refund back! I think I get back the full purchase price of $2.49.

The form says you will get refunded up to $4.00.

Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner - Free With Coupon and Rebate at Walgreens!

The Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner is on sale for $19.99 at Walgreens this week.

Use the $10/1 coupon
HERE (yep - you heard right...$10 off!)
Pay $9.99 OOP (out of pocket)
Mail in for $10 rebate from the October EasySaver booklet at Walgreens

Make sure you read the dates for each month's rebate period. This month you must purchase all items for the October rebates by October 25 and have it postmarked by November 1.

Thanks much to Common Sense With Money for this great coupon find!

K-Mart Doubling Again...In Some Areas

One of my favorite blogs, Common Sense With Money, has a list of all of the K-Mart stores doubling from October 15-18 HERE.

Your store may not be on the list (mine isn't) but apparently you can try asking if your store will honor the sale by showing them a flyer from a different K-Mart.

Let us know if this works for you!

Reader Remarks

Teri wrote:

Hi, My name is Teri, I am new at coupon deals. I tried using 2 of the yoplait yogurt coupons printed from the site that was directed on your blog page.

My Cub Foods would only let me use one of the coupons. As it says on the coupon "one coupon per purchase of specified products". So I would like to know how people can get by using 2 or more at a visit. As discribed on your blog under Cub purchases in order to get the $5.00 off deal. Thank you. PS I think you have one of the nicest and informative blogs... Teri

Here is my response:

Hi Teri - thanks for the compliment!

I would have to say that the store was incorrect in not letting you use as many of those coupons as you wanted to (as long as you tried purchasing one item per coupon)

Here's why: "Per purchase" means "per item". This means that one coupon per item purchased is allowed.

Sometimes a coupon says, may only use one coupon "per transaction". This is different. That means that you can only use one coupon for that item in your entire transaction.

If a cashier tells me something like you were told I kindly explain the difference between the word purchase and transaction. If they still don't allow it (hardly happens), I ask for a manager. I know this is a lot of hassle. You probably just had one bad experience with a cashier that didn't understand coupon language. I bet it won't happen often or can easily be explained away.

I have had experiences where cashiers seem upset that I get a great deal. Like they think I'm robbing the place. BUT, I don't feel bad about it. It takes me a lot of time to figure out the deals, so I deserve the discount. AND, I always follow the coupon guidelines....nothing to feel guilty about.

There are other cashiers that are happy that you get a good deal and even want pointers on how they can do the same. You have good days and bad days, I guess. Good luck! Thanks for writing! Rachel

Does anyone out there have any comments on this? Have you had a bad experience with understanding the language printed on a coupon? How far will you go to "get the deal"?

Let's help each other out here!

Free Sample - Pond's Clean Sweep

Get a free sample of Pond's Clean Sweep from Costco HERE.

Free Samples - Stayfree and Carefree

Get free samples of Stayfree and Carefree from Walmart HERE.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Free Sample - Fruit Roll Ups and Box Top Newlsetter

Sign up for the Box Tops for Education Email Newsletter HERE and get a free sample of custom designed Fruit Roll Ups.

Gold Peak Coupons Winner - Kristy!

Congrats to Kristy (khomansky@...) - you won the Gold Peak coupons. Yay! I e-mailed you...please respond with your address so I can get these out. Thanks for reading!

Glade Scented Oil Warmers - Free or Cheap!

Right now Cub and Rainbow have a Catalina deal going on for Glade Scented Oil Warmers. You get a $4 Catalina coupon for every one you buy.

At Rainbow today I bought the four pictured above for $4.59 each. Here is the deal I got:

Bought four for $18.36
Minus 2 B1G1 Free coupon from the 9/28 inserts
Paid $9.18 OOP
Got back $16 in Catalina coupons ($4 per item)
That's a profit of $9.18!

Now you can see why it's worthwhile to buy mutliple newspaper subscriptions. The more of those B1G1 coupons you have, the more you can do this deal. I bought the rest of my groceries on double coupon days today with the Catalina coupons.


Byerly's - Today Only!

I just learned about this sale last night and had a chance to check it out today.

Bummer is it ends TODAY the 8th.

If you have a Byerly's nearby, here's the deal:

Get $5 off your order instantly when you purchase 5 of the items listed on the in-store ad.
HERE is the link to the ad. You have to read the small print on the save $5 section though. Don't just go by the pictures on that page (page 2).

Today I bought 5 packages of Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with sauce which are one sale for $2.00. Here is how the deal looked:

Bought 5 packages for $10.00
Minus $5 automatically taken off by the register
Used five $1/1 coupons from recent newspaper inserts and $1/1 coupons HERE and HERE
= Five bags for FREE!

There is also a deal on Progresso soup - buy 10 for $11.00. Then you would get $5 off twice for this promotion! There are several Progresso soap coupons out there from recent inserts and the two links above for the Steamers. HOWEVER, good luck finding these. My store (Eagan) was completely out and I heard that others are as well.

Other items that would be a good deal:

Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt and Fiber One Yogurt packs are $2.50 each.

Buy five for $12.50
Get $5 off automatically
Use five $1/1 coupons from recent inserts or from HERE or HERE
= $2.50 for five packs of yogurt!

Pillsbury sweet and crescent rolls, Nature Valley bars, Curves bars, Cheerios, Betty Crocker Warm Delights and many other items are included.
I know there are coupons out for these items but I don't know the prices to tell you how great a deal you would get.

Grab your coupons and head to Byerly's tonight!

Find Byerly's and Lund's locations HERE.

Free Sample - Commit Lozenges

Get a free 24-count starter pack of Commit Stop Smoking Lozenges HERE.

Thanks to Start Sampling.

Coupons To Give Away - Gold Peek B1G1

I have eight B1G1 Free Gold Peak Tea coupons to give away. These will work with the monthly deal going on at CVS for October. Limit 5.

Use five of the coupons all together like this....

Buy 10 at $1.69 (price at my store) = $16.90

Use five B1G1 Free coupons to take off $8.45
Pay $8.45 OOP (out of pocket)
Get $5 ECBs back
= $.35 each!

...or use the coupons in combination with other deals you work up.

Leave a comment with your e-mail address and I'll pick the winner by Wednesday night (tonight) at 9pm.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Glade Deals at Walgreens

Glade Scented Gel is $1.99
Buy two
Use B1G1 coupon from 9/14 insert
AND/OR Use B1G1 coupon HERE
Pay $1.99 OOP
Send in for two $1 rebates
= Two for FREE!
Glade Wisp Candles are $5.99 each and get $3 Register Rewards
Buy two
Use B1G1 Free coupon HERE
Use $5/1 coupon from the 9/7 insert
Pay $.99 OOP
Get $3 Register Rewards
= Profit of $2.01!

Glade 4-oz Candles are $1.99
Use $1/1 coupon from 9/14 insert (not everyone got this - I didn't in MN)
Use $1.50/2 coupon from 9/14 insert (I got this one)

If you have $1 coupon
Buy one
Pay $.99 OOP
Send in for $1 rebate

If you have $1.50 coupon
Buy two
Pay $2.48 OOP
Send in for $1 rebate on both ($2)
= $.24 each!

Coffee Mate - $.50 at Walgreens

Coffee-Mate 16-oz is $1.50 (two for $3) at Walgreens
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
= $.50 each!

Visine - Free at Walgreens

Visine Eye Drops 1/2-0z are priced at $3.99
Use $2/1 coupon from the 9/28 insert
OR Use the $2/1 coupon HERE
Stack one of these with the $2 Off coupon in this week's ad

Note - it is possible that your Walgreens will not accept both coupons since they equal 1 cent more than the price. If this is the case, you can ask them to take it off your order.

Printable Coupon - B1G1 Free Uncle Ben's Rice

Go HERE and enter the code RICE into the box at the lower right corner of the site.

Print a B1G1 Free Uncle Bens Long Grain & Wild Rice coupon.

Scrubbing Bubbles Deals at Walgreens This Week

Scrubbing Bubbles is $2.50.
Use $1/1 coupon from 9/21 insert
Pay $1.50 OOP
Send in for $1 rebate (ESR)
= $.50 each after rebate!

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Max Kit is $3.99
Use $3/1 coupon from 9/7 insert (not everybody got these)
Use Buy One Kit Get a Free Max or Flushables Refill HERE
Pay $.99 OOP
Send in for $1.50 rebate
= FREE Max Kit and Free Refill!

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner is $19.99
Use $5/1 coupon from 9/21 insert
Or use $5/1 coupon HERE
OR use $7/1 coupon from the P&G coupon mailer (if you signed up and received it)
Pay $14.99 or $12.99 OOP
Send in for $10 rebate
= $4.99 or $2.99 each!

Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes are $2.50
Buy two
Use B1G1 Free coupon HERE
AND Use $.75 coupon from 9/21 insert
Pay $1.75 OOP for two
Send in for $1 rebate on both ($2)
= Two FREE with $.25 profit!

Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast - $.50 a box at Target

Money Saving Mom posted a way to get Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast for $.50 per box at Target.

Get the scoop and coupons HERE.

$1 ButterBurgers at Culvers Today

Today only get Butter Burgers from Culver's for $1 each. Limit of 5 per order.

This is listed on their website and should be available at all Culver's locations.


Thanks to
Deal Seeking Mom for this tip!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Freebies - Use Google Toolbar AutoFill Function

Signing up for all these freebies can be very time consuming UNLESS.... sign up for an AutoFill function like that offered by Google.

Installing the Google ToolBar and enabling the AutoFill function will make form-filling super easy.

HERE for a quick how-to on installing this feature.

You will be able to enter most of the information asked for by online sign-up forms into the AutoFill template. Then whenever you need to fill out a form for a freebie or printable coupon, simply click the AutoFill button on your toolbar and voil-a! The form is filled with your information and ready to hit submit.

There is some information you may still have to enter like birthday and password, but this is pretty minimal.

Remember to set up and enter in a secondary e-mail for this. Signing up for freebies and coupons can bring about quite a bit of spam.

2009 Entertainment Book

The 2009 Entertainment books are ready and available!

Get yours by clicking on the box below.

The Twin Cities book that I bought cost $35. I see that it is $25 in other areas. I guess it depends on your state and deals in your area.

Click on the preview area to see which coupons are available in your city.

I find that I make the money back on this book easily.

The expiration date on this deal says 9/30/08 but the website still shows free shipping on any order.

Entertainment Book 2009

Dinner Made Easy Newsletter - Free Sign Up

Get coupons, samples and recipes by signing up for the Betty Crocker Dinner Made Easy Newsletter HERE.

Coupon Surfer - Printable Coupon Source

Click on "All Coupons" on the left side bar at Coupon Surfer and find tonz of printable coupons. Sign up to have access to print these coupons whenever you want.

Sign up HERE.

Giveaway - Blush Topless Undershirt!

This week I have a super fabulous Give-Away goin’ on!

I’m so excited about it because the two ladies at Blush Accessories sent me one to try and I LOVE IT!

So what is it?--- It’s called Blush – Your Topless Undershirt. If you like the layering look, then this is for you.

I love low-rise jeans, but I don’t love skin hanging out under the back of my shirt. Solution – Blush! The styles are so cute. I love the ever popular layered look and these “half” shirts give you just that, without all the extra layers! Basically it’s like a tube top but worn around the waist.

So, how can you win one? Katie and Rachel at Blush are sending one of my readers…yep – could be YOU…a Blush Topless Undershirt. All you have to do to win is:

Pay a visit to the Blush website HERE.

Check out their many styles and colors (maternity too!). Then come back here and leave a comment telling me your favorite style and color.

Don’t forget to leave your e-mail address so I can let you know you won.

This Give-Away ends on Friday October 10 at noon. Good luck!

After you leave a comment, click my Common"cents"ical Header at the top to find lots of current hot deals.

Finding Coupons...

Recently I went to my local gas station and while I was there I looked around the store. They had tear pad coupons for B1G1 free for both Fuzze and Gold Peek tea.

I took one of each.

This month at CVS you get $1 ECB for buying Fuze and Gold Peek (2). I don't know what these cost yet, but if I guess they are $1.50, then my deal will look kinda like this:

Buy two Fuze for $3.00
Use B1G1 coupon for $1.50 off
Pay $1.50 OOP
Get $1 ECB.
If $1.50 is the correct price, I only pay $.25 each.

I plan to pay the $1.50 OOP with ECBs I earned in previous transactions. Then I can use the $1 ECB (for every two) I make in this transaction on future ones. THUS, not having to pay actual money out of pocket.

I guess my point is - look for coupons anytime you are in a store. Gas stations get much different coupons than grocery stores.

Free Sample - Pet Food

Get a free sample of Life's Abundance pet food HERE.

Free Sample - Huggies

Get a free sample of Huggies diapers HERE.

Refund Cents - Online Resource to Saving Big

Refund Cents is a site I discovered a couple months ago. Right away I was intrigued by the pictures of people buying 150 boxes of Pop Tarts for 8 cents. Okay, maybe it wasn't 8 cents, but 8 dollars sounds about right.

I instantly began reading the free grocery board forum and found many deals posted by subscribers.

I decided to go for a subscription and wow - I check this site everyday.

I'm not quite up to the 150 boxes of Pop Tarts for 8 dollars yet, but I appreciate finding the best CVS and Walgreens deals all in one spot. Lists for CVS and Walgreens can be printed out in block format. No more copy and pasting or writing down deals you want. It's all there!

The site also has an alphabetical coupon database and listing of probably every rebate out there.

My favorite feature is "Michele's Updates" which reads like a blog - regular postings of everything from hot in-store deals to online coupon codes to commonly asked shopping questions.

My other favorite is Centsible Chat. This is the area where readers post the best ways to use coupons to take advantage of current deals. Comments on what works and what doesn't is included...lot's of personal stories here.

Remember the Pop Tart haul? Well, obviously to buy a lot of something so cheap you need a lot of coupons. A great way to get several of the items you purchase is to trade. I don't need pet food coupons, but other people do! I trade my pet coupons for ones I really want. Refund Cents has a coupon trader board.

In the beginning I really appreciated the "teach me the tricks" section. Here, readers post specific deals they got and through pictures, explain the coupons they used and exactly how they performed the transaction.

Go to to get a little taste of what you can find.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Glaceau Vitamin Water - Free After ECBs at CVS

CVS has Glaceau Vitamin Water 32-oz for $2.29 each and get $2.29 in ECBs. Limit 1.

Buy one for $2.29
Get $2.29 back

Bic Soleil Razor - Free After ECBs at CVS

Bic Soleil razors are $5.99 and get $4.00 ECBs this week. Limit 5.

Use the $2/1 coupon
Pay $3.00 OOP
Get $4 ECBs

Always Infinity - FREE after ECBs at CVS - LIMIT 2, Not 1 As CVS Ad SAYS

Always Infinity 14-18 count pads are $4.98 this week at CVS.

Pay $4.98 OOP
Get $4.98 back in ECBs

Printable Coupon $1.75/1 Reynolds Parchmanet Paper

Get a $1.75/1 Reynolds parchment paper coupon HERE.

...and another HERE. Click on the banner at the right of the screen.

Thanks to Slickdeals.