Monday, October 6, 2008

Refund Cents - Online Resource to Saving Big

Refund Cents is a site I discovered a couple months ago. Right away I was intrigued by the pictures of people buying 150 boxes of Pop Tarts for 8 cents. Okay, maybe it wasn't 8 cents, but 8 dollars sounds about right.

I instantly began reading the free grocery board forum and found many deals posted by subscribers.

I decided to go for a subscription and wow - I check this site everyday.

I'm not quite up to the 150 boxes of Pop Tarts for 8 dollars yet, but I appreciate finding the best CVS and Walgreens deals all in one spot. Lists for CVS and Walgreens can be printed out in block format. No more copy and pasting or writing down deals you want. It's all there!

The site also has an alphabetical coupon database and listing of probably every rebate out there.

My favorite feature is "Michele's Updates" which reads like a blog - regular postings of everything from hot in-store deals to online coupon codes to commonly asked shopping questions.

My other favorite is Centsible Chat. This is the area where readers post the best ways to use coupons to take advantage of current deals. Comments on what works and what doesn't is included...lot's of personal stories here.

Remember the Pop Tart haul? Well, obviously to buy a lot of something so cheap you need a lot of coupons. A great way to get several of the items you purchase is to trade. I don't need pet food coupons, but other people do! I trade my pet coupons for ones I really want. Refund Cents has a coupon trader board.

In the beginning I really appreciated the "teach me the tricks" section. Here, readers post specific deals they got and through pictures, explain the coupons they used and exactly how they performed the transaction.

Go to to get a little taste of what you can find.


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