Sunday, September 21, 2008

Save Big With The Grocery Game

The Grocery Game is a website that will literally help you save probably hundreds of dollars a year. You sign up and get a list each week for the stores you choose.

THE LIST is a printable list of all items on sale at your store. The cool thing is that the list prints in different font colors. This means that you can tell when items are at "rock bottom" prices. These rock bottom prices are sale prices combined with coupons. The List tells you which coupons to use to get items for free, nearly free or at a very low price.

The Grocery Game encourages stock-piling. This means that when items are at their rock bottom prices, you should stock up. Starting a stockpile of commonly used items will eliminate buying items at full price. You can "shop" from your own pantry.

Another cool thing that The Grocery Game shows you is WHEN to use your coupons. You may have a great coupon burning a hole in your coupon binder (or purse or file or pocket) but it doesn't mean you should use it right away. You will learn the best time to use coupons at your particular store in conjunction with sale prices.

The Grocery Game also tells you WHERE to find coupons. If a coupon binder isn't for you, just write the date on your coupon inserts every week. The List will tell you which insert the coupons you need can be found in.

Here's the BEST part of The Grocery Game - you get to try it for a month for $1....Wow!

I must admit that I signed up for the $1 trial quite a few months ago. Then I cancelled the subscription because I thought I could keep track of deals on my own.....nope! Well, I could keep track of quite a few but there were several stores I wanted to shop at....not just one. We're talking a part-time job here practically!

Let's just say I signed up again. I pay $10 for eight weeks for one store.

Check out The Grocery Game for yourself. If you want, you can list me as the person who referred you. My e-mail is You have to enter my e-mail address when you sign up for the trial. If I refer three people, I earn a free 12 weeks. Yay!