Wednesday, September 10, 2008

27 Money Saving Tips

Here are some great money saving tips I have learned.

1. Use coupons. It takes some practice, but logging on to money saving blogs can help you out!

2. Subscribe to the Sunday paper. I used to think that I was saving money by NOT subscribing to the Sunday paper. That's because I wasn't using coupons. Boy was I wrong!

3. Buy multiple copies of the Sunday paper if there are good coupons that you can really use. Check with gas stations on Monday mornings to see if they will sell you the left over papers for 1/2 price.

4. Before shopping, google for a store coupon. Read this post for more info.

5. Buy free-after-rebate (FAR) items at Walgreens, Menards and other places. My goal is to set up a separate bank account for the money that I get from rebate checks. Then I can buy more FAR items with the money from this account.

6. Call your utilities companies and ask for their best deals. The last time I called my waste company, I ended up with a larger can and $1.50 less of a bill....just for calling!

7. Shop CVS and Walgreens, using coupons to get things like shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and much more for FREE or pennies. Reference money saving blogs to help you get these deals.

8. Stockpile the free or very inexpensive items you purchase so you never have to pay full price for these items again.

9. Sign up for e-mails from your favorite restaurants. Many will send you a coupon for a free meal on your birthday and other offers. Get a couple ideas HERE. Then hop over to Money Saving Methods and check out her list of restaurants. (located in the right side bar)

10. Rent movies with free rental codes from Red Box.

11. Check Ebay and Craig's List for any kind of purchase. Recently I found and purchased a $30 Schwinn bike for my daughter through Craig's List. The seller was only 1 mile from my house!

12. Check Ebay and The Coupon Master for coupons to purchase. Sound funny? Read more on this HERE.

13. Use stockpile items for baby and bridal shower gifts. Often these items can be used for games played at the shower too.

14. Sign up for as many freebies as you can. Read about Walmart freebies HERE.

15. Buy greeting cards from the dollar store or make your own. This is a fun project for kids.

16. Beware of pricing at large wholesale clubs that require memberships. Often these items are not less expensive than buying the same items with a coupon at a sale price.

17. Avoid driving all over the place and get your grocery shopping done at one place! Call your grocery and drug stores to check the following:
- do you accept expired coupons?
- do you accept competitor's coupons?
- do you honor competitor's sale prices?

18. Get books from the library or check out Paper Back Swap. If you do and want to list me as the person who referred you, my e-mail is

19. Have a garage sale!

20. Pay your bills online and save money on stamps.

21. Buy clothes on clearance. I made a goal of paying no more than $3 for kids shirts. I find it isn't that hard to do and it's kind-of turned into a game to see if I can stick with it.

22. Try shopping thrift stores. Sometimes they have special days where kids clothes are 50% off. Thrift stores often have 50%-off-everything-sales on holidays like Labor and Memorial Day.

23. Never buy from vending machines! Put snacks in baggies so you always have something to grab and bring with you.

24. Calculate what things cost you. I have a weakness for fountain drinks at the gas station. If I buy 2 a week for $1.06 each after tax, I am spending $110.24 per year....on fountain pop. Oh my gosh!

25. When companies send you coupons for $x off a purchase of $x, see if you can buy a gift card. Example: You get a $5 off a $50 purchase coupon from Target. Buy a $50 gift card, use the coupon and pay $45. Of course you'll need to check with your store to see if this is allowed.

26. Sign up at photo companies online and get free prints. Get some good deals HERE.

27. Save on sitting fees and take your own pictures! I recently cancelled an appointment at Proex that would have cost me $50. I took my own pictures and they turned out great.

There are so many ways to stretch your dollars. Do you have any good money-saving tips? Leave a comment.