Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Love This Site -

I found this website a few months ago when I started "coupon-ing".

When you sign up for free, one of the perks you get is Stephanie Nelson's (The Coupon Mom) e-book "Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half".

From this book I learned:

- how to figure out the lowest sale price for items I buy
- how to buy things in advance and "stockpile" them for future use to avoid buying at high prices in the spur of the moment
- which stores to use my coupons at
- where to find coupons

Other things I like about this site:

- The Grocery Deals by State is a list I print for items on sale and the location of coupons to go along with them at the grocery and drug stores in my area
- The Coupon Mom Blog posts new deals and coupons daily
- The Grocery Coupon Database gives you direct links to several coupons available
- There are tips and ideas on what to do with your extra coupons and items purchased

Click HERE to check this site out for yourself.