Thursday, November 6, 2008

Easy Bake Oven and Mixes - $19.99 at Target

The Easy Bake oven is on sale for $19.99 at Target right now.

You used to be able to print a Target coupon for "Get 2 mixes free when you buy Easy Bake Oven". I couldn't find this coupon available anymore.

I really wanted to take advantage of this deal and was glad to see I got the coupon in a Target toys catalog that came in the mail.

When I went to Target I also found this coupon in a smaller toy catalog available to anyone on the end caps of the toy section in the store.

SO, buy the Easy Bake Oven for $19.99 and get two mixes for free with the coupon. The mixes are regularly priced at $5.44 each!


- There was a $19.99 sale sign at one Target I went to but not at another. When I price scanned it though, it came up $19.99.

- When the cashier scanned the coupon, it only took off $5.44 for ONE of the mixes. I pointed that out and the cashier took off another $5.44.

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