Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CVS - ECBs and Rainchecks

I don't know about you, but often times I go to the THREE CVS stores near me and find that none of them have the weekly ECB (ExtraCare Bucks) items available.

It's frustrating because the stores sometimes don't stock enough of the sale items or items that earn you ECBs and by the time you get to the store....there are none left. Sometimes I go on a Monday and they're still out of stock!

Something to try: I have heard that it may be possible to request a raincheck for the item that is out of stock. This is usually not a problem.

It may also be possible to ask for a CVS gift card in the amount of the ECBs you are missing out on since the item is not available the week of the sale. Plus, once you buy the item at the raincheck price ( a week later?), the register will not be programmed to give you the ECBs that went along with it earlier.

It's worth at try at your store!

Have you had experience with this? If so, let us know!


Myssie said...

When I have requested a raincheck for an item that generates ECBs the cashier write out the raincheck for the amount that the item would have been after ECBs. For example, this week with the L'Oreal stuff that was on sale for $11.99 and you got $11.99 back in ECBs. My store didn't have it in stock and I asked for a raincheck. He wrote out the raincheck for a total of "FREE". So when I go to purchase the stuff (when they get more in), I will still be able to use my coupon for the overage but I will get no ECBs for the L'Oreal because the price ($11.99) was deducted from my total already. Does that make sense? Hope that helps you out!!

Rachel said...

Wow - thanks for the info! I can't wait to try that next time. Of course each store is different, but it helps to have knowledge like this to suggest to the cashiers or manager.

Thank you!

Stahl Family said...

Yep, just this week with the Lorell product mentioned above. My store gave me a rain check for the item and then wrote on the same raincheck that I received a gift card for 11.99 -- therefore making the item free. They cut the picture and sale info out of the flyer and attached to the I didn't think that was bad -- its still free.