Thursday, September 25, 2008

CVS - ECBs and Rainchecks - UPDATE

Myssie wrote:

When I have requested a raincheck for an item that generates ECBs the cashier writes out the raincheck for the amount that the item would have been after ECBs.

For example, this week with the L'Oreal stuff that was on sale for $11.99 and you got $11.99 back in ECBs. My store didn't have it in stock and I asked for a raincheck. He wrote out the raincheck for a total of "FREE".

So when I go to purchase the stuff (when they get more in), I will still be able to use my coupon for the overage but I will get no ECBs for the L'Oreal because the price ($11.99) was deducted from my total already. Does that make sense? Hope that helps you out!!

I'm excited to try this!! Let us know if this works for you and which store you go to.