Monday, September 22, 2008

Clif and Luna Bar Coupons-Leave a Comment to Win!

I have four coupons for Clif and Luna bars. Two of them are worth a free bar.

The other two could be doubled to probably get a free or nearly free bar.

If you would like them, leave a comment and I will pick a winner by Wednesday at noon.

6 comments: said...

I would love these! I have just started my new years resolution 9 months late LOL (or 3 months early) however you want to look at.

Becky L

Kelly said...

I love clif bars. Where did you get coupons?

Jessie Francis said...

love these.

seesawstar said...

Please enter me into your giveaway...I would love to have these!


Stephanie said...

Please enter me in this too... if it's not too late!

karen said...

I just found your site from money saving mom. It is great. Thanks a bunch. (Oh and yes I would dig these coupons too!)