Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Byerly's - Today Only!

I just learned about this sale last night and had a chance to check it out today.

Bummer is it ends TODAY the 8th.

If you have a Byerly's nearby, here's the deal:

Get $5 off your order instantly when you purchase 5 of the items listed on the in-store ad.
HERE is the link to the ad. You have to read the small print on the save $5 section though. Don't just go by the pictures on that page (page 2).

Today I bought 5 packages of Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with sauce which are one sale for $2.00. Here is how the deal looked:

Bought 5 packages for $10.00
Minus $5 automatically taken off by the register
Used five $1/1 coupons from recent newspaper inserts and $1/1 coupons HERE and HERE
= Five bags for FREE!

There is also a deal on Progresso soup - buy 10 for $11.00. Then you would get $5 off twice for this promotion! There are several Progresso soap coupons out there from recent inserts and the two links above for the Steamers. HOWEVER, good luck finding these. My store (Eagan) was completely out and I heard that others are as well.

Other items that would be a good deal:

Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt and Fiber One Yogurt packs are $2.50 each.

Buy five for $12.50
Get $5 off automatically
Use five $1/1 coupons from recent inserts or from HERE or HERE
= $2.50 for five packs of yogurt!

Pillsbury sweet and crescent rolls, Nature Valley bars, Curves bars, Cheerios, Betty Crocker Warm Delights and many other items are included.
I know there are coupons out for these items but I don't know the prices to tell you how great a deal you would get.

Grab your coupons and head to Byerly's tonight!

Find Byerly's and Lund's locations HERE.