Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reader Remarks

Teri wrote:

Hi, My name is Teri, I am new at coupon deals. I tried using 2 of the yoplait yogurt coupons printed from the site that was directed on your blog page.

My Cub Foods would only let me use one of the coupons. As it says on the coupon "one coupon per purchase of specified products". So I would like to know how people can get by using 2 or more at a visit. As discribed on your blog under Cub purchases in order to get the $5.00 off deal. Thank you. PS I think you have one of the nicest and informative blogs... Teri

Here is my response:

Hi Teri - thanks for the compliment!

I would have to say that the store was incorrect in not letting you use as many of those coupons as you wanted to (as long as you tried purchasing one item per coupon)

Here's why: "Per purchase" means "per item". This means that one coupon per item purchased is allowed.

Sometimes a coupon says, may only use one coupon "per transaction". This is different. That means that you can only use one coupon for that item in your entire transaction.

If a cashier tells me something like you were told I kindly explain the difference between the word purchase and transaction. If they still don't allow it (hardly happens), I ask for a manager. I know this is a lot of hassle. You probably just had one bad experience with a cashier that didn't understand coupon language. I bet it won't happen often or can easily be explained away.

I have had experiences where cashiers seem upset that I get a great deal. Like they think I'm robbing the place. BUT, I don't feel bad about it. It takes me a lot of time to figure out the deals, so I deserve the discount. AND, I always follow the coupon guidelines....nothing to feel guilty about.

There are other cashiers that are happy that you get a good deal and even want pointers on how they can do the same. You have good days and bad days, I guess. Good luck! Thanks for writing! Rachel

Does anyone out there have any comments on this? Have you had a bad experience with understanding the language printed on a coupon? How far will you go to "get the deal"?

Let's help each other out here!