Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Update: Kmart Double Coupons

I went to Kmart today to take advantage of the double coupon days.

I got about $110 worth of stuff for $36. I was a little disapointed though because when I reviewed my receipt at home, I noticed that about $7 more should have been taken off my total.

Kmart's system for doubling is VERY difficult for the cashiers.

This is how it worked:

The cashier scanned my first coupon and the register asked her to pick which item I purchased-from a list of items! For example, I bought Glade Carpet Fresh for $2.19. The coupon I had was for $1. The cashier scanned the coupon and the list came up. She was supposed to know which item I used that coupon for and select it from the list. (How could she remember?--I could barely remember!) If she got it wrong, then sometimes a lower amount was deducted. There was no way for her to fix this at that moment.

This went on and on for all items (I had 48). I tried to help her but the list that comes up is filled with abbreviations for products, making it very difficult to get right everytime. Check-out probably took 15 minutes.

I decided not to take issue at the customer service desk because I had been there for 2 hours shopping and had to leave.

So, some might say - "be happy you got $110 worth of stuff for $36". AND I AM! But, then again I did take a lot of time figuring out my transactions and Kmart's sign says all coupons $2 or less will be doubled.

So will I go back and ask for an adjustment? Probably not. I would spend the $7 I missed out on in gas to get there.

Lesson learned? Make several transactions. Buy about 10 items or less at a time.


Chris in TN said...

WOOT, WOOT! Way to go!!

My nearest K-mart is not on the list. I did call and talk to the manager just in case and though he did know about the promotion, he said they were not one of the stores chosen. **crys like a baby** The nearest store that is participating is about a 80 miles away. I'd just eat up those savings on gas money.

I can only hope K-mart has these again and my store is one of the locations.

A girl can WISH can't she?!?!?

Glad you were able to get such great deals.