Thursday, October 2, 2008

Build Your Coupon Stash

Recently I tried a new frozen pizza - Bernatello's. Their garlic flavor is soooooo good!

I decided to go to the Bernatello's website and e-mail them a compliment. In my e-mail I asked if they would consider sending a coupon or two. This was last Wednesday.

To my surprise I received an e-mail back on Friday saying thanks for the compliment and coupons are on their way.

Yesterday (six days after my original e-mail) I received the above coupons. One is for a free bernatello's pizza up to a $3.99 value!

I have e-mailed a few companies before and almost all have sent coupons after I asked for them.

It doesn't hurt to visit websites of your favorite products and send them an e-mail. It doesn't take long. I see it like this...for 1-2 minutes of my time, I earned a free pizza. Yay!


Chris in TN said...

A few weeks ago, when I saw that there were many Nivea "deals" at different stores with rebates and ECB's I decided to go online and search for some coupons. I came across a survey style form and took the 5 or so minutes to fill it out. It was supposed to take me to a printable coupon after the survey but I was sadly surprised to find the offer no longer available even though I had already completed the survery. Frustrated, I went to their homepage and then to the "contact us" form. I explained what happend and voiced my opinion being very polite and stating my case. I thought that that was the end of it.... until.... I went out to my mailbox about a week later and found a bonanza of NIVEA COUPONS including three $2 off ANY nivea product. WOO HOO!!! No note or letter response but I'd say they heard me.

I think I'll take your advice and compliment some of my favorite products on their websites. Never hurts to ask. :)