Monday, October 20, 2008

Omaha Steaks - Super Deal!!

Thrifty Florida Mama found a great deal on Omaha steaks. I got eight burgers and the Free burgers, cutlery and cutting board deal for $1.98 shipped to me!

Check out the deal HERE. The instructions are very easy and clear.

I found that after Geico (read the post to understand this) e-mailed me the Omaha Steak code, I had to click on the link three times before my code came up.

Here is my receipt detail from the transaction:

Order Date: October 20, 2008
Payment Type: Visa
Order Total: $26.98
Gift Account Applied: $25.00
Credit Card Charge: $1.98


T. Sims said...

I just ordered my burgers. I got 12 for $14.99 plus the freebies for $3.98!!! I love your blog by the way. It is one the better frugal living/couponing blogs out there. I especially enjoy that you often times post links. Much appreciated

Rachel said...

S W E E T !

Don't you love a great deal like this!

Nicole said...

I did this too. But I got the carmel apple tarlets since I was already getting the free burgers! YUMYUM!

Chris in TN said...

WOO HOO!!! Just completed my order (I did the same one you did for $1.98). Thanks so much for the info on this awesome deal.

Lisa said...

I ordered yesterday and was feeling really good about the deal...then today I got an email that says you can't get freebies when using the $25 gift card, so the free items will not be sent! :(

t.sims said...

I just got the e-mail stating my order would ship without the freebies. Oh well. It is still a good deal. I have enough steak knives and plenty of cutting boards, but the extra 6 burgers would have been nice.

Rachel said...

Well I guess we'll see what happens. I got an e-mail yesterday saying my order had shipped and no mention of the freebies coming or not.