Wednesday, October 15, 2008

*UPDATE* Kelloggs Coupons Galore

10/17/08 - These coupons are gone already! Hope you were able to print them while they lasted - 2 days? That's a good reminder to print good coupons when you see them or it may be too late!

Good news - New $1/1 coupon
Link. Can print four per computer.

Wow - just went to print some coupons for sugar and discovered FIVE $1/1 coupons for ANY Kelloggs cereal. If you print each one twice, you have a lot of coupons to use for upcoming cereal sales.

There are also $1/1 coupons for Kelloggs frosted mini wheats.

If you have more than one computer - you'll really be set!

Remember, these coupons can go away at anytime. Some of the coupons stick around longer, some don't. Print while you can!

Go HERE to print 'em out.